Valentines Day 2019 Dress Code Meaning (February 14 Dress Code)

valentines day dress code

Valentines Day 2019 Dress Code Meaning (February 14 Dress Code)

The most favorite thing which everyone wants to know eagerly is about the Valentines Day 2019 dress code. The dress code is nothing but the different colors of the dress being worn on Valentines Day. Different colors of the dress being worn specify different meanings which relate the mood of the celebrations. Though some of the colors would state the same meaning, there would be some slight variations in the color specifications from one year to another. I’m going to put out the dress code for this year. This would be useful to express your mood on the day of lovers (Yeah I’m talking about Valentines Day of 2019).

Valentines Day 2019 Dress Code Colors for 14th Feb

Red Leave me or I am not interested
Orange I’m Going to propose to someone
White Already booked
Blue I’m free
Green I’m waiting
Pink Accepted just now
Black Proposal rejected
Yellow Broke up
Gray Not interested

The colors used in the dress code for every year constitutes red, blue, black, white, green, pink, orange, yellow, brown, and green. Usually, these ten colors are used to specify their mood or status regarding Valentines Day. This could express their feelings not through words but through the colors. Let us see in detail about the colors mentioned above and their meanings.

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The person who wears a blue colored dress on this day tries to show the people that he/she is free. That is, he/she is in a single status. They announce to the world their freedom and ready to commit to any relationship that comes their way. It signifies that anyone is welcome to apply to become a Valentine partner this February 14th.


This dress color is worn by persons who are waiting for the replies from their crush. It generally notifies the persons who had proposed their partner and waiting for a positive reply from them. We can easily understand that a person is in love and proposed his/her love by seeing the green colored dress worn on the Valentines Day.


The orange color is a color between the colors red and yellow of the light spectrum. It generally associates with the mood of amusement. The person who wears an orange colored dress on Valentines Day is showing that he/she is going to propose someone whom they love the most. A proposing girl or a boy radiates an amusing feeling thus expressed through the color which associates with amusement.

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The color pink resembles the pale red color. It generally denotes the charm, sweetness, femininity, and the romantic. This colored dress when worn shows that the person has accepted the proposal which he/she received from their beloved one.


The black color represents gloom and sadness. It denotes the worse in us, violence, and the bad end. A person who wears this colored dress wants to show everybody her/his proposal suffered a rejection. Usually, the reason behind rejection varies from one person to the other.


The color white represents an achromatic color which doesn’t have hues. Usually, this color denotes peace, purity, and honesty. The same implies by the one wearing this color on Valentines Day. It shows that he/she is already committed and politely rejects any more proposals from other suitors.

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Red represents the color of passion. The red color dress worn on this day says that he/she is in a romantic relationship. In simple words, that person commits and lives a wonderful lovely committed life with his/her lovely partner.


Yellow happens when green and orange mix. It usually associates with the envy, jealousy, and duplicity. The person who wears this colored dress shows that he/she has broken up with their love life.


Brown is a composite color by combining two or more colors. It shows the plainness. This dress color conveys that the person’s proposal, unfortunately, experienced rejection. Simply saying for a broken heart.


It shows the neutrality. The person wearing this colored dress shows the lack of interest in love.

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